Is your mind racing??

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Does your train of thought never stop? Perhaps you have tried meditation to quiet your mind, but can’t seem to stop new thoughts from creeping in. Try this the next time you meditate….
Get into a comfortable seated position that you can maintain for ten to twenty minutes. Take a few deep breaths and allow the entire physical body to completely relax. Then, rather than trying to clear the mind, focus on a single word or phrase that can be repeated over and over. For example, peace, love, or ‘om ah hum’. Focusing on this word or phrase will prevent the mind from filling up with extraneous thoughts. The mind may still try to wander. If it does, gently bring the attention back to the chosen word or phrase.
Using this method, try to build up your meditation practice to ten or twenty minutes. Notice the clearing effect it has on the mind!!


Lose 2lbs this week!!

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Are you gearing up to get in shape for summer? Or perhaps you are preparing for a summer getaway. You can absolutely lose a healthy 1-2lbs per week, starting immediately, by shifting your balance of calories in vs. calories out. To lose 2lbs per week you need to burn or eliminate 7000 calories from your overall calorie total for the week. (Having said this, the calories taken in must be QUALITY calories.)
Eliminating 7000 calories from your weekly calorie total can be done by cutting out 500 calories from your diet each day and burning an additional 500 calories through exercise each day. For example, having a small bagel and coffee with skim milk for breakfast instead of a large bagel and juice can eliminate 500 calories. Jogging for 30 min and lifting weights for 30 min can burn over 500 calories.
Consider cutting excess calories and exercising more to begin burning fat and losing excess weight today!

Meditation shifts brain activity!

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If you have ever meditated you may have experienced a release of physical tension, less racing thoughts in the mind, and a feeling of calm in the entire being.  We realize sitting quietly will do all of these things, however, scientists at UMass Medical may know why.  A study on the benefits of meditation has shown a shift in where brain activity occurs among meditators.  Read here…

Destress with Yoga

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Perhaps you don’t have time to make it to an hour long yoga class every week, but you would still like to reap the benefits of stretching the body and quieting the mind. Take ten or fifteen minutes to perform some postures at your desk or at home. For example, gentle spinal twists, neck and shoulder rolls, and forward folds all help to stretch the areas that tend to hold onto stress or tension. (The back, neck, shoulders, and traps!) Try adding some yoga into your day when you are feeling stressed. Your body and mind will thank you!

Burn off excess calories!

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Looking for a way to burn off those extra weekend indulgences?  Whether it is dessert, alcohol, or just overeating….check out this link for 10 ways to burn off an extra 100 calories!!,,254_165750,00.html

Lower Back Pain?

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Lower back pain can be caused not only by weak core muscles (lower back/abs), but by tight muscles in the surrounding areas. Consider stretching your hamstrings, hips, lower back, and glutes to relieve lower back pain.

These stretches can be as simple as a standing or seated forward fold for the hamstrings, pulling the knees to the chest when lying flat for the lower back, and bound angle (butterfly) for the hips.

Try these stretches and notice if your lower back pain lessens!

New Years Resolution Time!!

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It is that time of year again, when everyone decides to eat healthier, exercise more, and indulge less! Living a healthier lifestyle is absolutely a good choice for a resolution, but for some people it is hard to stick to. In order to keep your resolution throughout the whole year, try to make small changes that you are actually able to incorporate into your current lifestyle. Instead of eliminating something completely (ie,sweets, carbs, fat), try cutting back and using portion control. Also, know that if you do stray from your healthy changes, you do not have to wait until next year to begin them again! Even if you have one unhealthy day you can go right back to your resolution the next day.
This New Years resolve to not make unachievable resolutions!!