Fight acne and blemishes with natural ocra wipes

Acne and blemishes are a struggle for people of all ages. ZocuZap natural ocra wipes are the latest way to clean and clear up your skin. Developed by opthamologist Dr. Peter Pham, these wipes fuse skincare and eye care as they can also be used to clean the eyes and eyelids without burning or irritating the eye area.

Dr. Pham states, “You can achieve maximum results with these ground-breaking, okra-based Zocular products that gently and effectively manage both acne and dry eye issues naturally.”zocular

Use ZocuZap in the morning, at night, after a workout, or on the go.The botanical blend of ocra, aloe leaf juice, citrus peel extract, and raspberry seed oil soothes and cleans the skin naturally and without unnecessary chemicals.

Order face wipes, eye wipes, eye cleanser or a combo pack here.


~ by kvareika on July 19, 2016.

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