Summertime workouts

Although everyone wants a beach body in the summer, sometimes it’s tough to get motivated to workout in the heat (and even worse the humidity!).  Fortunately there are several ways around this obstacle!  One way is to workout in the morning.  The temperature will not be at it’s peak yet if you are exercising outside, and even the gym will be cooler in the morning.  Another trick is to take up swimming or water aerobics.  Both of these burn tons of calories while keeping you cool!  A final idea is to embrace the heat and invest in a sweatband.  If you are able to surrender to the idea that you are going to sweat, then it can become a goal or challenge rather than an obstacle.  Consider that sweating is a good way of cleansing the body of toxins while burning fat and calories!

Accept that you’re going to sweat during your summer workouts and sport your sweatband with pride!  (Vareika Personal Training sweatbands coming soon!!)  🙂


~ by kvareika on July 12, 2010.

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