Snack healthy with Smart Crackers

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Smart Crackers are the latest addition to a line of products produced by a Mom founded company – Bitsy’s Brainfood. Bitsy’s products are all Non- GMO and certified USDA organic.

Smart Crackers are a unique snack food, as each serving contains a half-serving of vegetables. This is a delicious way to add vegetables to anyone’s diet.

Children will have fun with these crackers as they come in puzzle shapes called Tangrams which can easily be used to make hundreds of designs to stimulate the mind during snack time.

Flavors of Smart Crackers include Maple Carrot Crisp, Sweet Potato Cinna-Graham, and Cheddar Chia Veggie. Choose your favorite flavor or try them all. Find your nearest store location hereBBF Smart Crackers Product Lineup Hi Res.


Don’t let your diet get derailed this summer

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Fifty seven percent of Americans say unexpected surprises like work demands, changes in plans, and travel delays cause them to stray from their healthy lifestyles, according to a recent study from the makers of Pure Protein, a leading brand of protein bars, snacks, powders and shakes.

These unexpected schedule changes may be unavoidable, but do not have to be the downfall of your diet. Meet your protein needs while on the go with a variety of high protein products now available. Mix a protein shake with your favorite fruit, grab a high protein bar, or try the new snack sized protein bites.

Stick to your diet, achieve your goals, and feed your muscles with this full array of protein supplements. Check out the full line of products here. Pick your favorite flavor or try them all!


July is National Picnic Month

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July is National Picnic Month so pack up your family, friends, or significant other, grab a blanket, and spend the day in the sun. Traditional picnic foods can get boring so spice things up with these new ideas:

image001 (1)

Lemon Ginger Cheesecake Mousse Cups

Made with fresh berries, cream cheese filling and a crumbly shortbread crust with the help of Walkers Ginger and Lemon Shortbread, these no-bake desserts are perfect for summer. Make them in mini mason jars for an easy-serve dessert option.

Courtesy of Barefeet in the Kitchen.

Walkers’ Mini Oat Crackers

Baked using a traditional recipe that has been perfected over the last hundred years. The small, snack size make them ideal for stylish entertaining. Perfect paired with cheese, fruit spread or on their own.

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Delivering a deep, delicious spicy flavor that’s the result of cold steeping real ginger for up to 6 weeks before blending with four secret spices, Crabbie’s is a refreshing cocktail alternative. Crabbie’s three flavors (Original, Spiced Orange and Scottish Raspberry – all lightly carbonated) are best enjoyed cold over ice with a slice of lime – The Perfect Serve. No crazy mix-ins or complicated measuring required.

Fight acne and blemishes with natural ocra wipes

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Acne and blemishes are a struggle for people of all ages. ZocuZap natural ocra wipes are the latest way to clean and clear up your skin. Developed by opthamologist Dr. Peter Pham, these wipes fuse skincare and eye care as they can also be used to clean the eyes and eyelids without burning or irritating the eye area.

Dr. Pham states, “You can achieve maximum results with these ground-breaking, okra-based Zocular products that gently and effectively manage both acne and dry eye issues naturally.”zocular

Use ZocuZap in the morning, at night, after a workout, or on the go.The botanical blend of ocra, aloe leaf juice, citrus peel extract, and raspberry seed oil soothes and cleans the skin naturally and without unnecessary chemicals.

Order face wipes, eye wipes, eye cleanser or a combo pack here.

FitKicks keep things versatile and ergonomic

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Supporting your feet with shoes that are light and comfortable can be a challenge, especially on the go. FitKicks, launched in late 2015, provide the comfort and versatility you are looking for in a shoe, while easily folding up to take with you on your many adventures.

These ergonomically designed shoes conform naturally to your feet, are breathable, and allow for full range of motion. Use them as slippers indoors, or wear them outdoors while walking, running, biking, dancing, or even going to the beach. FitKicks are made with Flex Form soles and a spandex upper, so just fold them up and pack them in your suitcase next time you travel.

Learn more about FitKicks and order your pair from the Grommet here




Add some tofu to your healthy summer recipes to increase protein intake

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Eating light over the summer is fun with the variety of salads, sandwiches, and smoothies there are to make. This year try adding tofu to any of your traditional recipes to increase your protein intake and spice up your dishes. Nasoya tofu offers a wide variety of tofu styles to easily integrate them into your next meal. Try these recipes for a healthy, protein packed dish:

  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie: Looking to introduce children to tofu? Blend silken tofu with their favorite fruit to make a nutritious smoothie.

Stock up on Nasoya tofu on your next shopping trip or find the nearest location to purchase here.

Open your second chakra!

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The first chakra (base of the spine) is a grounding chakra, but the second chakra (two inches below the navel) allows us to be free and mobile!  The second chakra also houses our sexual energy, and is our connection to others.  To open and balance your second chakra try meditating with your hands placed in front of the second chakra in Yoni Mudra (which can be seen here).  Visualize orange energy, or water, flowing in and out of the second chakra.  Notice any physical, emotional, or energetic changes that happen in your body!